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What To Look For When Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue


Marriage – The Joining of Hearts and Souls.

Weddings constitute as one of the most important occasions in our lives. We also seek to make our marriage days as memorable as possible. As part of this endeavour choosing an appropriate venue for the matrimony is a primary factor. You may consider the following pointers if looking for help to select a suitable site for entertaining the guests during the nuptials.



It is obvious that you should select those venues that are in line with the aesthetic aspects that you have in mind. Keeping in mind your theme, if any, during the venue-selection process must also not be missed. If you are looking for an outdoor location in India, the wedding halls in South Kolkata serve as a good choice.

Guest List


It is also wise to take into account the number of guests that are expected for the marriage-based functions. Be sure that they can be accommodated comfortably in your chosen location.



If having a destination wedding is on your mind, then may want to opt for a venue that is in close vicinity to your hotel as it will be comfortable for all parties. You must also take measures to ascertain that the invitees are comfortable in their hotel rooms. When making the reservations, you should ask the hotel staff about the number of people that can be accommodated in the rooms; accordingly, you can make the bookings.

Consider the Add-ons


Some wedding locales offer full-service: others may permit you to hire vendors and decorate the place as per your liking. It could be more expensive to choose a site that provides furniture and furnishings and it may be more cost-effective to rent them instead. You are advised to contact the rental companies to learn about their rates and determine if they provide a cheaper option.

Menu Items


When confirming the venue for your matrimonial functions, you must make certain that they are serving your choice of cuisine. If you have decided on a wedding hall in Kolkata and want Bengali dishes for the attendees, you may want to consult with the staff whether they can make the necessary arrangements, prior to confirming the bookings. Take your time to decide the food as well as beverage items and make sure that your guests can avail a sumptuous buffet as part of their indulgence during the celebrations.

Budgetary Constraints


Drawing a budget and apportioning costs to the various items is a crucial aspect when finalising the venue for your wedding. You must also take measures to stick to the budget as much as possible to avoid going overboard.


We recommend that you take all marriage-related decisions using a balanced approach. Do not be hasty. Consider all the aspects and seek your partner’s approval before giving the go-ahead for the preparations. Marriages are all about partnerships and taking joint decisions is advice that you must take seriously.

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