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Top 5 Tips To Plan Your Perfect Theme Wedding


When a marriage works, nothing on earth can take its place.” – Helen Gahagan

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Having a theme-based wedding is a fad that seems to be becoming popular in recent times. However, there are various aspects that require consideration for making the event a hit with the guests. If you require help for organizing the affair, the following details may prove to be helpful.


Theme Selection


There are several marriage-based themes that you can choose from. If any of your matrimonial functions is being held in Kolkata, and you have confirmed any of the wedding halls in south Kolkata to be the venue, you can select a Bengali theme. You can opt to hire Bengali folk dancers for putting up performances that are reminiscent of Bengal. Also, ask the attendees to adorn Bengali attire.


Bedecking the Venue


You need to select the venue for the theme-based wedding party. The banquets halls in Kolkata serve as an ideal option for hosting such bashes. When deciding on the site, you need to take into account the number of invitees. Also, the appropriateness of the venue is a factor that should be pondered upon. Clicking pictures from various angles can also be useful as you may need to make the requisite purchases for decorating the place. Moreover, be sure that the decor of the furniture and cutlery items is synonymous with the chosen premise.


Avail the Services of Wedding Planners


You may also consider hiring a wedding planner for making the arrangements. These professionals can help in organizing the event as they are experienced in handling such functions. Also, you can avail good bargains from the local suppliers with their acquaintance.


Planning the Invites


After you have chosen a theme, it is advisable to design the invites according to the selected premise. You must also ensure that the theme details are mentioned on the cards. Also, ensure that the invitation cards are sent much in advance as the patrons may need to get their gear ready for the occasion. If possible, you can also inform them from where they can purchase items that are relevant to the theme.


Menu Selection


Ensuring the menu items are in line with the chosen theme must also not be missed. Furthermore, if your function is being hosted at a marriage hall in Kolkata and you have decided upon the Bengali theme, be sure that they serve Bengali cuisine. They can help in laying out a lavish buffet table for the invitees to savor as part of the marriage celebrations. Make certain that the food items and beverages are in accordance with the theme.



In order to ensure that your theme parties are enjoyed by the guests, it is advisable to carefully consider the related aspects. Take your time to decide the theme, and try to be as innovative as possible so your marriage is remembered by your guests as an event where they had a gala time.

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