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Top Wedding Decor Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Trending in 2018


“To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.”

Indian marriage ceremonies are followed by reception parties. At this function, the bride and groom greet the guests on the stage. Also, photographs with the attendees are taken at this platform. Therefore, special attention should be given to its decoration. We present to you the most popular reception stage décor ideas for 2017 in the following details.

Floral-based Theme


You may consider floral arrangements at the backdrop to add grandeur to the stage. A flower-based theme along with effective lighting can leave the invitees mesmerized. It is amongst one of the top trends of the year.

Minimalistic Designs

simple design

Setting the stage with minimal ornamental items is also being favored by the crowd nowadays. If you want to keep the decorations minimal, it may also help you in reducing your overall costs. It may interest you to know that there are several wedding halls in Kolkata that could set the stage with minimalistic patterns.

Vintage Look


If you prefer going vintage, it is advised to opt for whites, golds, hanging mirrors and rich drapery. If you have zeroed in on a wedding hall in Kolkata for your nuptials and want the vintage look, be sure that you discuss the arrangements with the management prior to making the bookings.

Rani Pink

The Rani Pink Room at Rani Pink Studio 3

Rani pink is very much in vogue at wedding these days. Keep the look balanced with whites as well. It would be a good idea to select a rani pink floral backdrop and complement it with hanging white-colored flowers.

Fairy Tale

fairy tale

The fairy tale theme is another idea that you may want to consider during your matrimony. Make sure that ceiling-based floral decorations and chandeliers are part of the package for lending a classic look.

Royal Décor


Going the royal way is also trending this year as part of the marriage-related preparations. If you are also planning to go royal for your wedding, make certain that you have pillars, chandeliers, flowers, drapes, and backdrops that are in accordance with your chosen theme.



Placing ferns at the backdrop and complementing them with matching drapes along with pink-colored lighting can make the stage look magical. This theme also seems to be a favorite for marriages these days.

Flower Display


Giant-sized flower arrangements on pillars in the background is another option that you can avail for your wedding reception decorations. It is sure to make the stage look opulent and grand.

Hanging Florals


People prefer keeping it simple at weddings in recent times. You can choose hanging florals of pastel shades if you prefer the simplistic look.



If you like magnificence, you may choose criss-cross stairs and fireworks display to add grandeur to the celebrations.


There are several reception-based themes that are doing the rounds. You can choose from simplistic, minimalistic or grand designs. If you want a wider choice, it may be wise to consult a wedding planner for informing you about the latest trends. Whatever may be your selection, be sure that you take decisions with a balanced head for avoiding any hiccups and making your wedding occasion as memorable as ever.

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